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2 Delta Drive, Westbrook, ME 4092

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TruGreen of Hollis Center

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2 Delta Drive, Westbrook, ME 4092

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Keeping Northeastern Lawns Safe from Mosquitoes in Hollis Center

Mosquito season typically lasts from the end of April through October in Hollis Center and it is essential if you want to spend time outside during the summer to protect your families from mosquitoes with professional mosquito services. When it’s hot in the summertime, spending time outside with biting mosquitoes doesn’t sound enjoyable. It might feel like you can’t win even with mosquito repellent sprays and candles, but your top mosquito control companies in Hollis Center are specially trained to handle the mosquito activity and diseases throughout the warmer weather in the Northeastern climate specifically. No matter the level mosquito activity you’re dealing with, a specialized technician can help you get rid of the problem and help you to spend your outside time worry-free.

TruGreen Mosquito Defense

With years of experience behind them, TruGreen uses their innovative mosquito control formula to get rid of mosquitoes in your lawn within 24 hours of the first application. With targeted control and monthly applications, you can say goodbye to repellent sprays and candles and help keep you and your family at a lower risk of diseases.

Mosquito Free Guarantee

TruGreen takes pride in their products and by choosing to help you rid your lawn of mosquitoes they offer to re-service your yard between treatments for free at any time if you experience biting mosquitoes.