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Can Clothing Choice Attract Mosquitoes?

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Although summer is one of the most loved seasons in the year, it is also the season which brings plenty of mosquitoes. So, when you are spending time outdoors, especially in the evenings, have in mind that mosquitoes are likely to be nearby, looking for people to feast on.

Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying insects with their irritating buzzing, but they also transmit many dangerous to humans. Chief among these is plasmodium, which causes malaria, and various viruses that cause different types of encephalitis. It also transmits yellow fever, dengue fever, wuchereria bankrofti, and filariasis. Most of these diseases are very fatal and can lead to death. Thus, it is very important for people to protect themselves against mosquito bites.

Have you ever noticed that when you spend time with your friends outdoor during the summer, mosquitoes seem to be attracted to some of your friends more than others? Thus, mosquitoes do not attack everybody in a crowd equally. While some people in the same place might be spared from the irritating, annoying sound and painful bites of mosquitoes, others might not enjoy similar luxury. So, the question is why do mosquitoes attack some people and spare others in the same place.

Dark-Colored Clothes Attract Mosquitoes

One factor that might be responsible for mosquitoes not attacking everybody equally in a place is the choice of cloth worn by different individuals. People who wear clothing items made from dark colors will be bitten more by mosquitoes than those who wear light-colored clothes. This is because mosquitoes are attracted by dark colors. Mosquitoes are mainly nocturnal insects, and they have an eye system that is designed to see dark objects. Thus, mosquitoes will naturally be attracted to people wearing dark-colored clothes in a crowd, thereby biting them.

Furthermore, dark color helps to trap and conserve carbon dioxide. Research has shown that mosquitoes are attracted to areas with high concentrations of carbon dioxide. Thus, mosquitoes will easily attack people that are close to bonfire or burning candle because of the carbon dioxide emitted by the bonfire or burning candles. By wearing a dark-colored cloth during an outdoor event in a warm summer evening, a person is making himself or herself a prime target of mosquitoes. The dark-colored dress will increase the concentration of carbon dioxide around the individual, making mosquitoes to be attracted to the individual.

Light-Colored Clothes Repel Mosquitoes

While dark-colored clothes attract mosquitoes, light-colored clothes repel mosquitoes. Research has shown that white color repels not only mosquitoes but all kind of insects. The eyes of mosquitoes are structured to function effectively not in daylight but at night. Thus, when two persons wearing light-colored clothing items and dark-colored cloth are in a place, a mosquito will be attracted more to attack the person wearing the dark cloth rather than the one putting on a light-colored dress.

Yellow is a color that is difficult for mosquitoes to see. Since mosquitoes have a hard time seeing yellow color, it is a wise choice to wear yellow-colored dress when going out in a summer evening. Yellow-colored clothing items drastically reduce your chances of being bitten by mosquitoes, making you enjoy your summer evening without the irritating sound and painful bites of mosquitoes.

Light-colored clothing materials also do not store carbon dioxide. Thus, the carbon dioxide content around people wearing light clothing materials will be reduced. Putting on a light-colored dress is not a guarantee that mosquitoes will not bite you. It only reduces your chances of being bitten by mosquitoes when you are outdoors.

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