Can What I Eat Attract Mosquitoes?

When the summer months start to arrive, people look forward to shorter work schedules, barbecues with their friends and relaxing on the beach with a cold beverage in hand. However, mosquitoes are another part of the warmer months, and people generally do not welcome these bugs with open arms. The question remains then, “Can what I eat attract mosquitoes?”

The Short Answer

Ultimately, yes, the foods that you can consume can have some effect on the presence of mosquitoes in your life. While some studies suggest that eating certain foods might keep away or attract mosquitoes, it does have to do with the foods that you have on your plate as well. When you have mosquito-tempting foods sitting out on a platter on a hot summer’s day, you can be sure that these little bugs are going to find their way over to you and cause some annoying itches.

The Banana Question

If you’ve researched this topic before, you’ve probably heard a little bit about bananas. Some disagreement exists when it comes to this topic. Numerous sources, including Pattaya Unlimited’s article “Eat to Avoid Mosquito Bites,” notes that some studies show that bananas actually keep mosquitoes away while others show that they attract mosquitoes. Instead of getting all wound up in the debate, it might be best to avoid bananas when you are going to be sitting outside for the day. Instead, lather on a few layers of bug repellent to keep yourself safe and itch-free.

Sweet Foods and Mosquitoes

It probably comes as no shock that mosquitoes are attracted to sweet foods. Whenever you bring out dessert, you probably see them hovering around more than during the rest of the day. Just like many humans, these little bugs truly have a sweet tooth. Sometimes, they are also able to sense it on your being if you have just consumed some delicious treats. Therefore, it is important for you to be careful of your sweets intake. If you are going to put desserts and other treats outside, then you should make sure they are covered up to prevent problems from these pesky bugs.

Salty Foods

During the summer months, people are chowing down on corn and enjoying delicious meats that have just come off the grill. In many cases, they add some extra salt to these foods to make them even more satisfying, but doing so could make you a target for these bugs that you are trying to avoid. “Are You Attracting Mosquitoes?” by Darcy Andries notes that “Foods high in salt or potassium can cause our bodies to produce more lactic acid.” Andries goes on to explain that lactic acid can attract mosquitoes, so these salt foods can make them come on by.

Hot Foods

While the connection here is not direct, one still exists. Andries also explains that mosquitoes are attracted to sweaty. Therefore, if you are perspiring, a mosquito, or a few of them, may be headed your way quite soon. Some people are able to eat spicy foods without a problem. However, others, when enjoying jalapeno peppers on their burger or a nice cup of summer chili, will start to sweat. This combination of potentially salty foods and sweat can make you a target for mosquitoes.

Enjoying The Summer

As you can see, quite a number of summer foods might make mosquitoes view you as a tasty treat. However, you do not want to spend the season sitting inside and avoiding all types of food that have salt or sugar in them. Instead, you need to invest in a bug spray that is safe for you to use, and be sure that you use only the recommended amount at a time. Making some smarter food choices is not always a bad idea either. In addition to keeping those pesky bugs away, doing so might also help you with your summer weight-loss goals.

Indeed, it is true that the foods you eat can bring mosquitoes over to your table. Whether the bugs are attracted to you or to foods that are lying out on your plate, you want to take steps to keep these bugs away as they can carry deadly diseases.