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How do Mosquitoes Mate?

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There are not to many pleasant things people have to say about the tiny mosquito. You have learned about them in school and the illnesses they bring upon us, but has it ever crossed your mind how these little buggers got here to begin with? They do not just appear out of the water and start becoming blood thirsty zombies.

Have you ever thought about how the mosquito mates? Mosquitoes do not have a long life span to begin with. In fact you can count their entire life in a matter of days. So as you might imagine, these creatures have a strong innate need to reproduce quickly after becoming adults.

Introduction To The Love Song

Insects are quite mysterious creatures. They have parts on them that don’t exist on others and the uses for these parts can be surprising. For an example, the cricket. That chirping noise you hear, you would imagine it came from the throat of the insect but in fact, this little guy rubs his legs together to make such a noise. Insects are truly surprising and that does not exclude the mosquito.

As a flying insect, it is very important that their wings stay in great health. Would you be surprised if I told you that those same wings take a role in mating? Well they do and it’s kind of romantic. To humans and everyone else around, the beating of the wings can sometimes sound like an annoying whine. But to the mosquito, this is the music of love.

How Harmonizing Works

When mosquitoes start to beat their wings together they begin harmonizing a very high pitched whine to impress their mates. This is how they end up finding their perfect mate. It can get a little wild out there in the insect world considering there are so many different forms of mosquito. So the insect plays at a pitch that ensure a match who is almost completely physically identical to them will appear.

It has been said that the harmony is so completely different and strong that two forms of mosquito can live in the same area and end up becoming separated. This seems to be a way of protecting genetic diversity, and thus, the species. During this process, the mosquito also beats its wings at a certain timed frequency. This can ensure that the species of mosquito adaptable to the environment will still be able to survive once they have hatched. Mosquitoes are also one to mate while staying in flight.

The Reproduction Process

After the mosquito has found its perfect mate, the dance of love will commence. Males will then fertilize the female. The reproduction cycle does rely on the water habitats. The female mosquito will then find her way down to the water to find a suitable place to lay her eggs. This is important for the immature stage of life.

The beginning stages of life for a little mosquito will be mainly aquatic. The male and female mosquitoes will remain on the outskirts of where they laid there eggs. Males will feed on plant fluid while the female will be looking for blood as a source of protein for reproduction. The female is the only mosquito that will do this. Mosquitoes will look for a blood meal from both humans and animals.

After she has had her fill, she will then find a place to rest and digest for the developing eggs inside. After that, the female will then fly off to lay her eggs. It all starts with a love song.

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