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How to Control Mosquitoes in Your Garden

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We all love to be out in our gardens in the cool of the evening. Unfortunately, this is the exact time when those pesky mosquitoes like to be there as well.

You have several options for waging a successful campaign against them. Take back your garden and rid yourself and your family from those itchy painful bites. Some of the most common methods used today are –

  • Bug Zappers
  • Yard Sprays/Yard Treatments
  • Ultrasonic Devices
  • Mosquito Coils & Citronella Candles
  • Geraniol
  • Natural Repellants

Bug Zappers

Bug zappers are electrified devices that can be strategically placed in or near your garden to give off an ultraviolet light that lures the mosquitoes or bugs in. When contact is made, the intruder gets ‘zapped’ with electricity. These devices kill a lot of different bugs besides mosquitoes.

The only problem with the bug zappers is that while it kills many bugs, the percentage of mosquitoes killed is under 3%. They really are not that attracted to ultraviolet light.

Yard Sprays/Yard Treatments

You can find sprays or treatments at nearly any garden center. There are options between chemical based or natural/organic products. They all have varying degrees of effectiveness.

Yards can create perfect conditions for sheltering mosquitoes and for breeding spaces. Mosquitoes always go to the yard first. Lakes, ponds, decks, barns, or shallow standing water gives them perfect cover. Shade and moisture rule in the world of mosquitoes.

Gardens need lots of water making them a prime target of mosquitoes. Grasses and moisture pockets are luxury suites for them. Residential concentrates can be used for protecting your yard and garden. For smaller areas, ‘CYONARA RTS’ is very effective. You simply hook it up to your garden hose and spray.

A more effective treatment for larger areas is ‘ESFENVALERATE’. It comes with labels for use on trees, turf, flowers, or shrubs. It delivers long term control.

Ultrasonic Devices

Ultrasonic sound emitters are popular today. They use electricity or battery power to emit ultrasonic sounds that supposedly repel mosquitoes. They are also used for repelling hornets, rats, mice, spiders, and fleas. Some people like them, others say they are useless. One complaint is that the noise level disturbs pets.

Mosquito Coils & Citronella Candles

These methods are good for use within their immediate areas. Spreading several of them strategically throughout the garden in the evenings can help to keep the mosquitoes at bay.


Geraniol has been shown by research to effectively repel mosquitoes. It is a plant-based repellent. The drawback with Geraniol is that it attracts bees.

Geraniol is produced by honey bee scent glands helping them to mark nectar-bearing flowers. It also helps them to locate their hive entrances. Natural Geraniol is found in well-aged tobacco.

Natural Repellants

The best has been saved for last. If someone has a garden then why not use nature itself to keep those pests away? Just about every natural problem we have today has a plant solution.

Gardens can grow more than just vegetables. Adding the right type of plants around your garden area can help to keep mosquitoes out. Here are examples of mosquito-repelling plants:

(1). Rosemary
(2). Lemongrass
(3). Mint
(4). Marigolds
(5). Catnip

Out of these, the Catnip seems to be the strongest. One of the most common chemicals found in insect repellents is DEET. Catnip has proved itself to be as much as ten times more effective at repelling mosquitoes.

Is there anything that Garlic will not fix? Once again we find another use for this amazingly powerful little plant. It is excellent mosquito bite prevention and will repel mosquitoes when planted in your garden.

Other Suggestions

One thing that makes perfect sense is adding some Citronella grass to your garden or around your patio area. Why not use one of the main ingredients found in many mosquito repellents? It is very easy to care for and will help to avoid mosquito bites.

Lavender is something else that mosquitoes hate. Many other bugs avoid it as well. If planted in the garden it can take over your space, so it’s best to pot it and sit it out close to the garden area.

Growing a garden can be hard work, but protecting it from mosquitoes doesn’t have to be. Use these handy tips to keep mosquitoes away, or check out a professional pest control service for mosquito control services for your home and garden.

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