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How to Protect Your Pets from Mosquitoes

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Mosquitoes are always annoying, and we as humans have a lot of options to try to keep them away from us. However, our furry companions don’t have the choice to go out and buy mosquito repellent or put on a long sleeved jacket. But there are options for those who want to reduce their fluffy friends’ chances of getting heartworm – the main risk dogs and cats face from mosquito bites.

Protect them with these helpful tips:

Insect Repellant

While not all repellents are safe for dogs, there are some that can be used. Keep anything containing DEET away from the dog, as that can make them very sick. Check the ingredients, and if it is safe, spritz the dog so that the bugs are less interested in getting near him. The same goes for cats.

Keep Pets Away From Bugs

While it might not be an easy task, keeping dogs away from mosquitoes is another important option. This could include not walking in very wet areas or marshes, and making sure that there is no stagnant water around the property. Don’t let the dog get bit at home, so make sure that bowls of water are being changed often.


Keep Pets Inside

Also, keep the animals inside during the time that mosquitoes are most active. This will minimize their exposure to bites. During the early evening and the early morning, the mosquitoes are at their worst, so wait a little bit longer to take the dog on a walk. If the cat is allowed to go outside during the day, wait until later in the morning to let it out. Also, make sure to get the cat back inside by the late afternoon.


Mosquito Proof the Home

Getting a good screen in all of the windows can keep bugs out so that animals won’t get bit while they are lounging around the house. Leaving the windows open in the summer is something that many do, but letting in mosquitoes could be very dangerous to those living inside. Even cats, which may not go outside very much, could be put at risk if the window is left open without a screen, and that could make them very sick.


Provide Medication

Even if you do all this, it still might not be possible to keep a pet from getting bit every once in a while. In this case, giving your pet heart worm medication may be important, as that will lower the risk of illness resulting from bug bites. The bites may be annoying to the animal, but it is important to keep the animal from scratching them and making it worse.


What To Do for Bites

If there are bites on the face and ears of your pet, putting some antibacterial cream on their bites is important. Try not to let them scratch at it, and take the pet to a vet if it gets worse. Also, bring the animal to vet on a regular basis to test for heart worm, as early detection is what will ensure that the dog is ultimately going to be healthy.

All of these prevention tactics are good for the furry friends in the home. Just follow them, and ask your vet to test your pet regularly for heart worms.

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