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Indoor Mosquito Control

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Most cities with chronic mosquito problems have a plan in place to treat the difficulties this pest can cause before they get out of hand. Many will spray with special treatments or take other measures to keep mosquitoes under control. Sometimes the trouble isn’t always outdoors. Often, the problem with mosquitoes is indoors. There are several steps homeowners can take for indoor mosquito control.

  • Prevention
  • Treatment
  • Maintenance


One on of the easiest ways to control mosquitoes indoors is to maintain the outside of the home. Keeping the outside of the home free of mosquito breeding areas is necessary. Following these easy steps will help eliminate the number of mosquito breeding areas around a home.

  • Empty buckets daily.
  • Empty children’s small swimming pools daily.
  • Place tarps over large swimming pools.
  • Do not allow water to collect on tarps.
  • Turn wheelbarrows upside down.
  • Clean rain gutters often. Cluttered and full rain gutters are a great place for mosquitoes to breed.
  • Place tarps over large boats. Turn small boats upside down.
  • Keep yard clear of brush and large bushes, since mosquitoes hide in shaded areas during the hot day.
  • Eliminate anything from the yard which allows for standing water.

These changes can largely decrease the number of mosquitoes around a house. There are also a few common sense things which can help keep mosquitoes from ever entering a home.

  • Keep doors to the outside closed.
  • Install screen doors to allow outside airflow.
  • Turn off unnecessary outside lighting.
  • Avoid opening windows without screens.


Even with the best prevention methods, mosquitoes will still enter a home. Knowing how to properly treat a home is the next step. Several companies and stores offer different varieties of in home mosquito treatment. Citronella candles are some of the most inexpensive ways to temporarily control mosquitoes. They keep mosquitoes at bay for several feet around the candle but are not for whole home use. Citronella candles are most commonly used outdoors but can be used inside or on patios, screened porches or common areas.

Another option for indoor mosquito control is what is commonly referred to as a bug zapper or bug trap. Some versions resemble an electrified fly swatter. They are battery powered and kill bugs instantly as they hit the net area. Other zappers are lantern shaped and can be placed on walls or hung from ceilings. These zappers attract the mosquitoes, and they die on contact. The lantern shaped zappers are convenient and easy to clean. Most can be used indoors or outdoors.

If taking treatment outdoors, check out pest control companies that have specialized methods to treat mosquitoes. Some companies offer a misting system which involves setting up sprayers around the perimeter of the home. Three or four times a day the system releases a solution for about 45 minutes that keeps mosquitoes away. There is also the option of the mosquito fogger. The fog works similar to the mist but is denser and works best around heavy vegetation and trees. Homeowners can also choose to use mosquito granules. The dry granules are sprinkled around the yard and repel mosquitoes for up to 3 weeks.



Maintaining the small updates to prevent mosquitoes is simple. Once the homeowner gets in the habit of dumping unused water and leaving open containers upside down, mosquitoes will stop breeding. This will cause an immediate decrease in the number of mosquitoes multiplying around the home. Cutting back bushes and brush will be a bit more time consuming, but the payoffs are worth it. Limiting the amount of traffic in and out can cut down on unwanted pests. Leaving doors open longer than necessary invites in plenty of mosquitoes.

Indoor mosquito control isn’t limited to the inside of the home. Mosquitoes come from the outside, so it’s best to start there. Treating the outside of the home first can greatly reduce the amount of mosquitoes entering the home. The fewer mosquitoes in a home, the easier they are to control.

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