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Mosquito Misting Systems

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What is a Mosquito Misting System?

Mosquito misting systems can be effective at preventing mosquito bites. These systems consist of a variety of different tanks and high-pressure hoses with a string of outdoor nozzles. Mosquito insecticide and water placed into these tanks is delivered as a mist through the use of a hose and nozzle. There’s a control panel with an automatic timer and also remote control devices to activate the mosquito misting systems.

Types of Mosquito Misting Systems

There are a variety of different mosquito systems on the market. The tankless unit is the most innovative, offering greater flexibility for positioning and control than previous varieties. It can be placed anywhere in your yard, but needs to be close to a hose and electrical outlet. Attractive, lightweight and simple, you just snap in a cartridge that consists of the control solution and the automated control panel does all the work. This unit precisely measures and mixes a fresh concoction of insecticide for each use, with newer models using just a small amount at a time to control mosquitoes. This amazing unit also can detect leakages, and lets you know there’s a leak with a blinking light. If there is a leak the unit will shut down until it’s fixed.

A 30-nozzle mosquito misting system will last about 79 days before you need to refill it. And that’s if you are running the unit two minutes a day and using 64 oz of solution. Tankless units are safe for your children and pets because you can use organic solutions. The average full-service system runs between $2,500 to $3,500. Each yard gets a custom design with the right materials to make sure there’s maximum coverage and that it fits in with your home’s landscape.

The drum Mosquito Misting System usually comes in a huge 55 gallon drum. It consists of a molded water-proof plastic enclosure that is durable and can withstand any harsh weather conditions. There’s a control panel and system controller with programmed mist control. There’s an agitation cycle that keeps the solution mixed properly so that each mist has the same amount of solution. There are optional devices that can be purchased like a leak detection kit, a zone kit that allows you to increase the amount of nozzles, and a wind sensor.

Also these mosquito misting systems will get rid of wasps nest and spiders, and it also is effective in getting rid of other insect pests.

Buying and Installing a Mosquito Misting System

Mosquito misting system owners rely on the dealers to install these units and service them. Typically, your installer will have been properly trained in the installation process and will have specific knowledge of the insecticides used with your unit. So most owners are happy to rely on this service.

When having a mosquito misting system for preventing mosquito bites, there is usually an ongoing service requirement. These units are professionally inspected and routinely replenished with an insecticide solution. Also, this service periodically maintains your hose and nozzle circuits, as well as winterizes it for colder months.

But you can install and maintain a unit yourself. Although most dealers have built the servicing scheduling into the cost of your unit, so are unlikely to support do-it-yourselfers. But those who don’t wish to have this service can find mosquito misting systems and insecticides available over the Internet, but be sure to do your research to understand what you are getting.

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